My Dreams

A Day Among Chinese in China…

And What a Day It Was!

Wow I was in China, in front of a Chinese bus loaded with Chinese people going to their offices. Only, it was about to crush me … when I realized and made a superman-like dash for my life.

Then I found myself in a Chinese restaurant serving typical Chinese (non-vegetarian) cuisine when I was feeling extremely hungry suddenly.

But what was I actually doing? Watching the chefs and waiters work as if organized and motioned in order mechanically; as if all were machines in human appearance.

One of them was extracting seaweed for sushi wrap (though in reality I don’t know the process at all, but this was what my viewing of the scene told me intuitively… it could have been something completely out of my comprehension for that matter!)

The guy was actually trying to hang some sticky, elastic, dark green material to a horizontal rod coming out of wall and then dragging it downwards to its maximum elasticity, which caused the material to lose its above mentioned characteristics and turn into shiny sheet like structure cut in equal sizes by a girl standing next to that guy. The process was so swift in motion that it amazed me to watch every time it happened, making me wonder if the guy is ever tired repeating the process again and again, as if in a rhythm.

I was too transfixed to move but then I heard my stomach rumbling loudly, reminding me of the reason I was inside a restaurant.

I was hungry of course, but certainly in a wrong place. I served all non-veg which should have made me run backwards but I was somehow glued to the spot and wasn’t able to move. I felt it in my bones that only eating something would make me leave the place for good.

As I didn’t know the language, I urged a fat but harmless looking short guy to come to me and unsurprisingly, he came! He was holding a plate with some recipe going to the guest who ordered it but it was accompanied with a healthy looking salad. And next to the salad was a desert that looked like a thumb-sized red football with a green hockey stick. It appeared to be glossy and sugary. I eyed it with need and the guy relented.

He gave me the dessert and left in a hurry.

Now seeing the dessert made my mouth watered but left me wondering why I didn’t ask for salad when all I wanted to eat something to silent my belly!

Wondering when I looked around to ask, I found myself in a narrow street. The foul smell wafting from an overflowing sewer nearby was enough to quieten my hunger, at least for the time being.

Suddenly I saw a kid in an avatar like death (as depicted in Death Tarot Card) but on a horse, running fiercely toward me. As he neared, I saw he was actually targeting a young girl of around 10 years of age and to haul her on his horse. And to my utter amazement, the girl was thrown on me due to the force of collision which made her turn greyish in color-yet-translucent. However, I was only mildly displaced from my spot even after the throw.

Then she disappeared, just like that! My eyes focused on the boy on the horse sunning in opposite direction now, only the girl had now launched herself in a sprint toward the horse, leaving me open-mouthed.

As I was gaining semblance of my mind and blinked my eyes once, I found myself in a place with mirrors all around and grey-translucent looking people everywhere. It was not difficult to guess that this place is for the people who were gifted in some manner (like the one I witnessed just few moments ago). I saw a girl drawing colourful lines on the mirrors and using them as stairs to climb the walls. I spotted the death-looking boy and the girl he was (or vice-versa later) chasing, laughing friendly.

My head gave a spin, and I found myself out of this very-Chinese dream when my mom cajoled me to wake up!


2 thoughts on “A Day Among Chinese in China…

  1. I really enjoyed your article explaining your dream. Coincidentally, I had a discussion yesterday regarding this very thing. We were not discussing this subject regarding myself but she did mention that one of her authors writes all of her books from dreams. And, I have seen that said before. I was very interested in the detail. Have you tried to find other authors who do this and discuss things privately with them? Just to compare notes so to speak?


    • Hi, thanks for reading the dream. No I haven’t discussed this with anyone and none in my none in my friend circle is even interested in remembering his / her dream leave alone writing them. But I would love tho be a part of such a discussion.


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