My Dreams

Life with VK on Seaside!

The cacophony of the sea was soul-soothing. The waves were as if sending an invitation and as if the the new life inside me also wanted to accept it just like me. Peering out of the small window of my house, I was engrossed in my thoughts when I heard the quiet sound of opening and closing of the door of my room.

VK had entered soundlessly to not wake me up if I were sleeping but I was not, so he came slowly to stand behind me nuzzling my hair. I was silent as has become my habit since the time I knew about the baby and he respected this without complaining as was his nature. And silently, I offered a prayer to the almighty for making him come into my life.

I knew he had to lower himself down too much to come down to my neck, thanks to the difference in our hieghts but now that’s ok as has become a routine for almost everything. I on the other hand continued to watch outside the window as if chained to the majesty of the water source but savouring his light breath as well.

VK was home early; he tries to be at least since the day he came to know that he is going to be a dad. And today was the day of routine check-up. He insists to be there even when I tell him that I can do it on my own. And I may deny that I can do everything on my own but finding him protecting blindside is reassuring.

I was ready to go when he came, so we almost immediately left for the hospital. We rode a ferry which is the common mode of travel around this archipelago. The water of the sea was singing to me and I wanted to dive into it, which I couldn’t due to my pregnancy. In the matter of minutes, we were on the shore and then in the hospital.

VK stayed out and I waited patiently in the doctor’s room which I loved to do whenever I was here because of the view this room offered. The room was specifically designed to install glass in place of walls on all the sides. This meant you have sea and greenery to look at all around you from that room along with the medical apparatus that did not let you forget about the belongingness of this room.

The view was captivating and overwhelming even when I had spent considerable part of my life in the place. While returning from our visit to the doctor, I finally gave into the temptation of swimming in the sea. VK tried to dissuade me but couldn’t so he decided to join me and we swam against the mighty waves. We got thrilled, physically active and then exhausted. Soon, we had to go to reach to some shore or we would be doomed. I wasn’t exactly sorry for what I did but worried that it could affect my baby’s health.

And then a deserted island caught out sight to which we swan steadily taking our time to rest on the waves as well. There we saw a building which was as deserted as the island seemed. There we met our college senior Sakshi Swapnil and Saurabh Jaiswal who offered VK to work with them as partners to manage the school which that building was. Deserted in evening, the school thrived in morning with students from many neighbouring islands.

I don’t exactly remember how I came out of this dream but the image of sea stayed with me for quite some time after waking up and the emotions I experienced were very real.




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